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Time and Energy Donors

"We can not help everyone but everyone can help someone".

Ronald Raegan

We choose to dedicate a special time and space to Volunteering. When a volunteer comes to us, we give him/her a big welcoming smile, and we can say that we have received a Donation. The contribution of those who choose to help and support us is measured in hours and days dedicated to a cause, to a program, to a family or to a child, and for this reason we chose to call them Time and Energy Donors.

For almost 3 weeks in August, 3 French volunteers stepped inside Heart of a Child Foundation. They were young, enthusiastic, modest and willing to work with our children. We met them through an old French friend of ours, Mister Pierre Bagne, president of Macon Association Galati. Clement Ribier (20 years old), Arne Kock (19 years old) and Augustin Daurelle (19 years old), part of Scout et guides de France Association, had chosen to spend their time discovering Romania and its people, willing to give something to those around them.  Getting along really well with our kids aged 6 to 15 years old,  being very well organized and happy to share something from their culture and knowledge, they organized a camping day, they baked many different types of cakes, with a very delicious mix of Romanian and French flavors, they set up games and activities and showed children some pictures to discover the beauty of France. Sometimes, they were just having fun, trying to communicate just using signs, in order to find a mutual language

We admired our French volunteers’ wish to dedicate a part of their holiday to our kids they didn’t know, their courage to come for a pretty long period of time to a country they  heard contradictory things about, and their organizing spirit and determination. More than 6 months before their journey, they started fundraising activities in France. Thus, with their parents, friends and community’s help, they managed to finance integrally their journey to Romania.
We hope that their experience with us, the activities they had with our kids, the visits to the Danube’s Delta and to Sibiu, meeting a group of Romanian Scouts there, left many beautiful memories from Romania, together with the positive impact of them meeting our children, their families in difficulty and the people we help!
Our wish regarding volunteering and the volunteers we work with is to form stronger, more implicated and responsible young individuals, focused on the people around them. 

We should understand that all we need to be inspired is building bridges between people, a mutual future and for this we have to look deep down in our heart, and sometimes, change our destiny.
Do you want to offer time, enthusiasm and knowledge to a child? We are pleased to offer you all the necessary details at our office.



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