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18 years anniversary

18 years of achievements, 18 years of challenges, 18 years of experience, 18 years of stories, 18 years building bridges between people, 18 years in which we made dreams come true and changed destinies
13th of December 2014 is when we celebrated 18 years of activity. Heart of a Child started with a group of volunteers having big hearts, in 1996, changing since then in Galati and surrounding areas the lives of thousands of children and their families. The ones working here are unique through involvement, expertise and their desire to bring change on long term periods in order to improve children lives. A dream with a shy start has become an ambitious mission, which with a lot of confidence, passion and determination has grown every year.

During these18 years, we wanted to provide for as many children as we could a better care, for them and for their families, in order not to end up living in institutions. We wanted to make sure they can continue their studies and that their maximum potential of development is achieved, whether we talk about their intellectual, emotional, physical or social development, or the prospects for those children to break the circle of difficulties in order to become a useful person for their family and society. At the present moment, almost 17-19% of children from Romania are abandoning school prematurely and over 30% of Romania's population lives below the poverty line, children being once again those who suffer the most and who are most affected by this cruel reality. In case we are not careful and we do not take the proper measures, we will risk the future of upcoming generations. This is why I think our programs are so important. They mean to improve children's access to education, recovery and social integration for children and young people from vulnerable groups. Solidarity, confidence, responsibility, involvement with, and for those around us, are values which we would like to develop in our society. Dr. Anna Cristina Burtea, Executive Director.

As for the next years, we would like to strengthen relations in our community, to bring closer as many of those who want to be Dream Builders for those children who cannot make their dreams come true. Amalia Chirica, PR Fundraiser 

What matters is not the act of saving lives, but destinies! Whole generations of children saved from poverty and ignorance. These are actions meant to save Romania’s future. That is exactly what Dr. Anna Cristina Burtea is doing, the doctor gave up her white coat career in order to be the Heart of a Child’s Doctor. Anca Melinte, Viata Libera Galati
Viata Libera wishes Heart of Child representatives a warm Happy Birthday and congratulations for all achievements till now. We hope you will find the necessary strength in order to bring happiness and light for those children in need. Viata Libera Galati

A dream, an ambitious project should not remain without echoes! This is how me and my fellow journalists, volunteers, understand to join and sustain social causes, to try to be close to the ones whose contribution is priceless, through their work as parents, instructors, tutors, and cultivators for the children souls. Happy birthday and many other successful projects! We wish you many smiles from the children’s hearts! Delia Gavriliu, Director PresaGalati.ro

Heart of a Child Foundation was and continues to be an institution with “unceasing activity“ which gives a chance to those who were not born under a lucky star. Here is a second home for them,a place where they can find the necessary affection and support. Eng. Silvia Panaite

We, Macon Association Galati, know Heart of a Child Foundation since early stages. I have appreciated their kindness, commitment and willpower for involvement in an ignored direction, providing decent care for neglected children, in great suffering. Since then, all these assets are always present inside the Foundation … children and families who receive support are in care of the best and generous hands. Pierre Bagne, President Macon-Galati

Knowing that so many young lives have been and are being positively touched and influenced by such a loving and devoted team, which is Heart of a Child, is so inspiring. The potential that this love can unlock in young lives is limitless. I'm excited for what future holds as Heart of a child continues to grow. Thank you for everything so far. Ben Vooden, volunteer UK

I'm glad there are people with big heart, in Galati, which through their special work, but especially through the sensible and discreet way in which they do it manage to conclude long term 'soul' partnerships.  You decided to help who you can and as much as you can, knowing that everything in this world has a price, but the joy of giving is priceless. By this very joy you managed to inspire many partners and collaborators and, the achievements are fully yours and you deserve the best in this world. Vasilica Micu General Director Andirivac SRL 

Thanks to the activities that we have designed and conducted in partnership with you, we were able to offer a chance for a better future for children. On this special moment, we wish Heart of a Child Foundation Happy birthday and good luck for further projects. Miron Gheorghe, Director “Gh. Petrascu” School Tecuci

We wish success to our partners, productive collaborations and generous sponsors in order to make children with special needs happy, and to involve their families in securing a guided future by the light of education. “Alexandru Moruzi School”, Pechea, through its teachers and students, are next to you and wish you Happy Birthday! Paun Olga Mariana, Director  “Alexandru Moruzi School”, Pechea

I found out that Heart of a Child Foundation celebrates 18 years of activity, and I want to wish from all my heart:  Happy birthday! ... a lot of health, for all those who work for this foundation, people with a very big and beautiful soul. Thank you for all that you organize for us! Robert, 13 years old, Mihaela Day Center, Liesti

I am glad to be part of this great team. On the occasion of celebrating 18 years of activity in the service of children and families in need, I am proud my contribution is bringing change in our community. I wish all the best for Heart of a Child in all future projects! I am happy; now, I can give back a piece of what I received in my childhood.  Dan, combined art worker for Heart of a Child Foundation, former beneficiary

10 years ago my life changed through Heart of a Child. I found here support and devotion, I learned that nothing is impossible; you just have to work for your dreams to come true. It is here that I found my way! Ramona, social worker for Heart of a Child Foundation, former beneficiary

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