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Relay Day

Cook, lawyer, doctor or cop?
Relay Day (18-21 November 2014), a successful project initiated by the Terre des Hommes Foundation, was one of the most appreciated activity developed for our children.

During 4 days, 16 children, between 12-18 years, beneficiary of our programs have experienced different jobs and professions, close to chefs, lawyers, doctors or police men. What it's like to be a fireman, a stylist or a designer? These were just some of the questions for which children received the proper answers.

I want to become a fashion designer. I am glad I will have the opportunity to spend the day with Mrs. Steriopol. I wish ladies would wear my creations for  the coming years.  Adelina, 12 years old
I want to become a firefighter. Yesterday I found out what is like to be a firefighter and how it would be like to save lives. Andrei, 12 years old 
The project’s objective was to facilitate youth participation in taking important decisions for their life and community involvement. The Relay Day is organized in the week celebrating Children's rights day.

In 1959, Unicef has made the first step in order to issue the children's rights statement. Since then, 20th of November is celebrated as the Children's rights day.
In Romania, the Convention is ratified by law no. 18/1990.

Among them, we mention: equality, education, education without violence, free time and play, freedom of speech, of information, and the right to be listened, protection against economic and sexual exploitation, parents care, health, care in the case of handicaps, protection in times of war and refuge.
In such a happy context we are convinced that the little ones will experience this challenge with joy and will be more motivated to follow with trust the desired profession. We are glad to stand up and defend every day through our mission and through all we are doing, the rights of children. And in particular, the rights of vulnerable children to have a family, the right to education, to a decent life integrated in society, as part of it, where they have dreams and develop their full potential! We celebrate this day with all the children part of our programs!

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