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Would you like to build a child’s future?

Would you like to build a child’s future?

Maria is one of our children following our programs to prevent school dropout. She came to us for the first time in September 2014. Her big beautiful olive eyes are smiling every time! She has 5 brothers and all live in a very poor family, in Tecuci. They were abandoned by their father. Beside this, their mother left them in care of their grandparents in order to go abroad.

They live altogether, crowded in a broken-down house with no running water and having only the small allocations as a constant source of money. Poverty is the watchword that Maria's family is facing, moreover his grandparents are very old and sick.

They never complain about their poverty, but all are doing what they can in order to overcome difficulties: they work during the day where they are required. However, Maria, student in 2 grade, faces the hardships of life and manages to be a good kid in school. She goes to school in the morning, after she returns she takes care of smaller siblings, housework and prepares her lessons. On Saturdays and holiday she helps her grandparents at everyday work. She just amazes everyone with her maturity.

Maria loves to read, although she never had her own books. Her desk is somehow an improvisation – more like some old stands with snatched drawers in which books and notebooks hardly fit in. Maria lacks many things, although she never complains. She would like to have story books, but she cannot afford it, she borrows them from the library.

Sometimes she feels a little embarrassed, but she learned to overpass this feeling also. To ensure her granddaughter clothes and school supplies, Maria’s grandparents are often forced to make loans, and sometimes to cut from the money intended for the food.

And now, on the edge of the poverty, the priority means every day food, and not education, the future of these children is predictable and sad, if someone does not help them in the right time. But since the end of the last year, Maria is happy to receive all the needed support and a hot meal every day.

Thank you all for helping us to build a better world!

Would you like to build together with us Maria’s future or other children like her?

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