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2 high school students and their fundraising campaign

When you put your soul into what you do, happy endings come for sure, involved resources matter less and motivation is making the difference. We are glad to present you a story that says a lot in few words...
For most of us stories begin with Once upon a time ... But this story starts with ... There are 2 young men, highly motivated, who decided to do good deeds regardless any conceptions of those around them and thus the incitement: How many founds can they raise by the end of the day?

Our heroes, Ciprian and George, two high school students from Braila, wanted to see what they can do with a starting capital of only 2 lei throughout an unusual fundraising campaign. Thus, they thought going to Bucharest. They arrived at 11:00, they chose the railway area and Crangasi sector in order to start their campaign. They bought two apples which they have sold with 2 lei, each, then reinvested the fund in oranges and candies.
For a while they were satisfied, but, there was a time when feeling disappointed by people’s lack of time to listen to their intentions they thought to join forces and work together.

The next location was Cismigiu Park. The investment of 8 lei lead in 2 hours to 80 lei. Then the next fruits transacted were some mandarins near Romexpo, finally the last attempt was in Baneasa Shopping City where two fruit salads were sold with 60 lei (8 lei investment).

At the end of the day people understood their cause, their transactions were gestures intended to bring smiles and hopes in the hearts of children tried too early by life’s hardships and to whom the access to education is often impossible.
Now, as in any other story there must be a good fairy or a fate ... in our case it wears the name of Zoia Zarnescu, who guided our heroes to Heart of a Child Foundation: a place where children’s dreams are encouraged, a place where the lives of children who are experiencing too big difficulties for their little shoulders are changed for better.
The campaign’s results: 173 lei rose within few hours and 20 children from the Day Center in Pechea received snacks represented by fruits for 3 days. Ciprian and George changed minds and this can be counted as for long-term confidence.
The conclusion: our society starts to change, there are increasingly more heroes among us and thus we trust changes are becoming more visible.
We enjoy enthusiasm, confidence and willingness of others to care for those in needs and this gives us hope that social problems will be solved much easier and faster in the future.
At the end … if this story inspired you, please keep the feeling in your soul as much time as possible! And then let it act...



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