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One village, one child! first prize at the Civil Society Gala 2015

We are happy to announce the winning of the first prize of the section “Education. Schooling. Research”, awarded during the XIIIth edition of the Civil Society Gala, for the project “One village, one child!”. The trophy and the diploma were awarded on Monday, 15 June 2015, at the Romanian Atheneum, in Bucharest, during the most prestigious social projects competition, Civil Social Gala that took place, this year, under the motto: “If you do nothing, you remain with nothing. Involve yourself in social problems!”
Our project “One village, one child!” was chosen from 150 projects and programs evaluated. The jury, formed of 50 specialists in evaluating and implementing projects, researchers, sociologists, journalists, leaders and opinion formers of the civil society, CSR consultants, communication, corporate affairs and community affairs consultants, appreciated the way we identified and supported 40 children with great results at school, but who came from very poor families and risked to abandon school.

How was “One village, one child!” born?
“My son finished on the first place school in 8th grade, but I have 6 children and I could not let him go to high school. He stayed at home and helped me raising the animals. Now we get better, we have something to eat and I would like his sister, who is also a good student, to go on with her school years. But only if we can afford to support her, told us a father from a village where we developed the program. And then we wanted to support her and other children as well. How?

We started in 2014 a program of special scholarships: “One village, one child!”, addressed to children from grades 1-8, who are in difficult situations with poor families who have an income between 40-180 lei per family member, monthly, but who have good grades and great potential.
The project supported in 2014, 40 kids from 25 different places from the country. These children have marks of over 9 and received at the beginning of the year besides scholarships, stationery, clothes and established relationships between children, family, teachers and our staff. All of this is done in the interest of the child, supporting the children with advice and finance intended to develop children’s potential and becoming a facilitator in community, trying to develop community’s responsibility to find and sustain this kind of children.
For many of these children and families, the support had a major impact, as they declared many times; it was very helpful even though the sum we allocated in 2014 was not significant. It represented a rise of at least one quarter of the family’s monthly income to which were added in time other donations.

In 2014, the 40 scholarships and the costs of the project were supported by BRD Groupe Société Générale. Moreover, with the occasion of Christmas, owing to the personal implication of the BRD’s employees, the 40 children received each a beautiful present.
„We congratulate the Heart of Child Foundation for the prize won at Civil Society Gala.  The prize confirms the value of the project “One village, one child!”. The amazing children from the rural area deserve to benefit from a high quality education, as they are part of the future of Romania and we think that they have to receive all the attention of the Romanian society. We are glad to offer our support, to see how they progress and how they grow more confident in themselves. ” Flavia Pop, Secretary General, BRD.
Starting with this year, we have by our side Damen Shipyards Galati which chose to be sponsor in 2015 for important programs regarding school abandonment.

„We congratulate the Heart of Child Foundation on winning the first prize of the section “Education. Schooling. Research”, awarded during the XIIIth edition of the Civil Society Gala, for the project “One village, one child!”. It makes us happy that the activity of our partner is recognized nationally, consequently making these efforts known and the involvement of the foundation in numerous educational and social projects intended to help children in need. Damen Group and the companies that are members have a great history regarding the actions of social responsibility, education being one of the most important because it ensures a better future for our children. Damen Shipyard Galati has been supporting for many years Heart of Child Foundation, this year playing the role of unique sponsor of important projects in the local community.” Corina Parvu, Public Relations Coordinator, Damen Shipyard Galati

A trophy gallery
It’s not the first time when the Civil Society Gala awards us. In 2013, at the XIth edition of this Gala, we won the second prize for the project:  Multiregional  Partnership for preventing school abandonment.
In 2012, at the Xth edition of the same Gala, we won the first prize, section: Services of social assistance for the project: The center of the early intervention for disabled children.
In 2011, at the IXth  edition of the Civil Society Gala, we won the third prize –section: Social assistance services for the project: Access to services for the disabled kids from the Daycare Centre Liesti.
The same importance for us is also the mention in the category of Social services for disadvantage category, for the project: Distance support, won in 2009 at the 7th edition of the same Gala.
We are glad from Heart of Child to add the first prize in the category “Education. Schooling. Research” during the XIIIth edition of the Civil Society Gala for the project “One village, one child!”.

„The first place means for us an encouragement to continue this program and a proof of the fact that what we do is right and valuable. We are interested in our future as society! This recognition means a lot for us as we lean on resources from Galati.” – Dr. Anna Cristina Burtea, Executive Director



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