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The sweetest day

The children from the Daycare Center “Teodora” received the most beautiful, most attractive and sweetest lesson ever. For a few wonderful hours they became  ... art confectioners. Imagine: eating a healthy delicious cake, which, moreover is much healthy- meaning without chemicals and all kind of E- is indeed very different from baking your own special dessert, from which, then, you can then enjoy yourself to your own hart desire. Everything happened due to Ms. Paula Lepadatu and Dulce by Paula.

Together with trustworthy helpers, Paula Lepadatu went to the “Teodora” Daycare  Center with all the things necessary for a magic laboratory for sweets: fresh and tasty muffins, homemade whipped cream, sweet cream of sugar and all kinds of shapes and sweet and spectacular decorations.
With a lot of patience, our children decorated the muffins at first with whipped cream and then the show started! They modeled with their little hands the sugar cream into various shapes: flowers, butterflies, leaves, stars, rabbits, seahorses, hearts … an entire universe of happiness! Because if you did not know the cream is moldable, but also has an amazing smell and taste that you are always tempted to eat it!
The personalized muffins managed to resist for only one photo! Then they became a sweet and wonderful memory for the children who do not have this occasion to cook with their mother too often or never.
But the fun is not over yet! Under the guidance of Paula Lepadatu and of her trusty assistants, these children learned to model, with patience, from the same cream, the  tastiest lollipop, which was of course personalized and enjoyed after being photographed.
Thank you Paula Lepadatu! Thank you from our hearts Dulce by Paula for the happiness you brought to these children! Their wish, but ours as well, was that that day would not end. We are looking forward to the next experience!
"We can all make every day to be a childhood celebration and offer our children a daily happiness in order to teach them to live with love. Today we offered them the sweet lesson from Dulce … and we will not stop here…" Paula Lepadatu





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