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The story of the child with a scholarship

Gabriel C. is a nice kid who studies in the second grade at school no. 22, in Galati. His parents are separated and since the divorce his father stopped caring about him.  His mother works as a guard and from her salary of 600 ron they get by monthly. They pay the rent for a very small flat near the school.  After they pay their rent and taxes they do not have much left.
Since last year’s fall, Gabriel has been one of the children we support every day through the School after School program, 4 hours, after school. This way, he is helped at homework by our staff, he has stationery whenever he needs and above all, a hot tasty meal daily.

Not only has Gabriel been extremely happy and gratefull for everything he received from the campaign ”I want to go to school, too!”, but he found out from the other children that at School after School class Santa Claus came every year!
For us the importance of the help we give him is added to the happiness of his mother that he is so well taken care of when she cannot manage to do this.
Gabriel is one of over 90 children we support daily through School after School programs in 4 diffrent places in the county. The monthly cost is of 350 ron per child in order to prevent them from leaving school and family, compared to 4000 ron per month per child, money spent by the state to take care of a child in an institution.
The benefits and his future are totally different! In this way, we thank our donors and sponsors who understand the necessity and the impact of our  programs.



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