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The Day of Our Children – a celebration for Heart of Child Foundation

Heart of Child Foundation celebrated for the 13th time the Day of Our Children. It was a show for the soul, offered by our wonderful children. It was the celebration of joy that reunites all the members of the Heart of Child Foundation family: children and parents supported by our programs and activities, sponsors, founders, partners, donors and volunteers without whom all that we do would not be possible.

As our Executive Director, dr. Anna Cristina Burtea said, not even the Day of our Children would not have existed without the people who supported us and helped in organizing the show and ensuring the presents for all the children. So, they fully deserve our thanks: Damen Shipyard Galati SA, the Townhall of Galati, The Drama Theatre, Asil Group, Passiflora and Exotic florists, EliteGym, Accedia, Education&Support Sphere. For those who were not present at the party, we want to share the memories with you.

The show of our special children

It is not easy to fight each day poverty, but to overcome illnesses and social isolation represents a greater victory. A better proof than the Daycare Centre Mihaela, for children with disabilities, from Liesti does not exist! Initiated in 2010, by Mihaela Mihalache, a sweet and dedicated mother, who wanted for her children a place to socialize daily with other special kids, the Daycare Centre Mihaela presented an extraordinary artistic moment: a country dance. Yes, you read well, you can dance even when your feet don’t help you to pace.

On the verge of crying, Mihaela Mihalache confessed what the five years of activity meant to her: “The first moments, after the gates of our universe opened, I screamed the impossibility and frustration of heading nowhere. Your open arms gave me strength and hope. If it wasn’t for you, I would probably only feel the desperation in our children’s tears! But today, after 5 years, we managed to put a smile on their faces and souls  as pure as a child’s heart.”
A moment as special as the last one was offered by the Centre of Recovery and Rehabilitation for disabled children in Galati: a parade of characters from most well-known tales. Surprisingly, one can make a princess dress out of paper or a superhero costume out of carton and other recyclable materials. Everything is possible with talent, patience and imagination!
Singing and dancing
Children from the Day care centres from Galati, Pechea, Tecuci and from the “School after School” programs competed with songs and dances. It is hard for us to say what was the most appreciated: the song “More beautiful” singed by Adriana Nitu from Namoloasa School, the joy and energy of the children from School no. 22 Galati, the show “The green grass from home”  presented by the kids from Pechea.
And if we are talking about the dance category, as well, we could not tell what we liked most: the modern dance “Vita Bella” presented by the girls from the Tecuci Day care centre or the explosion of energy on “Shake it off” offered by the dancers of Theodora Day care centre from Galati. However, we wished that the latino dance of Alexandra Buruiana and Florin Nastase, from the dance club “New Generation” hadn’t finished so quickly.
Praise and Thanksgiving
All the programmes and activities of our foundation wouldn’t be possible without people with a generous heart who understood how important our efforts are. The moment Anna Burtea awarded the sponsors and partners felt like praise and thanksgiving, but as the list is very long we only mentioned the ones who were actually present at the celebration.
For example, we were pleased to hear from the general director of the General Direction of Public Services, Ms. Tincuta Vrabie that we can count on the help of our mayor Mr. Marius Stan and local advisers.
From the numerous companies who understood our mission and the children’s need of a better future, Damen Shipyard Galati plays an important role as the main sponsor of our programs that regard the prevention of school abandonment, these programs addressing to more than 200 children in the entire county. To our joy, Mr. Florin Spataru, Director of Human resources and Development at Damen Shipyards Galati, was present at our celebration. “The relationship between Damen and Heart of Child dates a few years back. The enthusiasm of the volunteers and yours, as  well,and all the god stuff you’ve done represents a source of inspiration for us. The support we give is a thousand times smaller than what you do. We are going to continue to support this foundation. ” promised Mr. Florin Spataru.
Heart of Child Foundation’s partners
You have to know that one of the bonds which was formed during these 14 years is the one with Heart of Child UK, organisation founded by sponsors and donors, common British people, who without knowing Romania or the kids here chose to support our cause.
Special thanks deserve our partners, too: School no. 22 in Galati, “Gheorghe Petrascu” School in Tecuci, Hygeia Pharmacy, Vaflomia Pharmacy, Administration of Markets Galati, Accedia Project and the 3 sweet volunteers, Cristina Diaconu, Ioana Mincu and Elena Arsenia Constantinescu, who gathered through a campaign held in high schools over 1.100 new books for our children.

“We are thankful to everyone who trusted us and donated eagerly” said Anna Burtea.
Priceless volunteers
Priceless is the work and dedication of our volunteers. Not less than 50 volunteers are implicated annually in our on-going activities, but to these are added other 150 volunteers during the fund raising campaigns. They are amazing people who choose to share their knowledge, time, energy and love with us and support us to do great things: to help children! It wasn’t easy to choose to most passionate ones but here they are: Doina Gheorghiu, Virginia Paculi, Liliana Bujor, Radu Motoc, Nastase Cornelia and Diana Bogdan.
The parents and the children of the year
The Day of Our Children is like a balance sheet moment for our results. And the ones who best represent us are the children and parents of the year.
Who could deserve the title of the parent of the year other than 2 mothers who knew best, in the last year, in spite of the difficulties, to support their children and be happy for their success, to which they contributed: Margareta Bors and Paula Necula. Ms. Margareta Bors learned what means to be a good parent to a kid with special need and since her husband died Ms. Paula Necula raises her to teenagers without defeat. But her daughter, Silvia, who goes to the Day Care Centre in Pechea describes her better: “I have the best mother in the world and I wouldn’t change her for anything or anyone!”
It was also difficult to choose the children of the year but for their ambition and good grades here they are: Cristina Cretu, Valentina Gherghe, Crina Cristina Anghel, Larisa Cilibran, Adina Musat, Valentina Ciocan and Cristian Podaru!



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