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I WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL TOO! - 2nd edition

Because our first edition “I want to go to school too!” was a success – 90 children from Galati, Vaslui and Pechea, Liesti, Costache Negri, Frumusita, Grivita, Tepu, Sendreni, Barcea villages went to school with their backpack filled with school supplies – we hope that with your support we can help at least the same amount of children as last year to go to school with school supplies for the year to come.

“Because we couldn’t make it to school by sharing our backpack and notebooks, last year, everyone was offered a backpack and school supplies. Since then, I can go to school with my brothers, we have each of us different pens and backpacks and we do our best to learn as good as possible.” Mihai, 11 years old

How can you change in good a future of a child?


•    You can donate by clicking the PayPal button – Donate. You can find it down, to the right. Each amount of money is important and your contribution helps us to buy the supplies for the school year to come.
•    Donate backpacks, books, school supplies or any other equipment for school at our headquarter: 24 Furnalistilor Street, Micro 20, between 08:30-17:30, from Monday to Thursday.
•    Become volunteer and promote our campaign! You can collect school supplies with your friends or family or you can share it on Facebook with #IWantToGoToSchoolToo!


This campaign is part of our programs to reduce the risk of school abandonment. The underprivileged economic situation Galati is in affects a lot of children, limiting their chances to a good education. We think that investing in education is the best anti-poverty intervention.

Education brings change! Be part of it!

Call us +40-236.312.199 or email us: Această adresă de email este protejată de spambots. Trebuie să aveți JavaScript activat ca să o puteți vedea. .



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