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There are few more days until the school starts and it seems that summer holiday passed so fast, we didn’t even realize. And now we wonder: how did we spend it that it was gone in a blink of an eye? So here it is, briefly, what we did.

This year, the summer holiday began with camps at the seaside, at Eforie Sud, where 115 children arrived, most of them from Galati County, but also from Tulcea and Vrancea. The camps are for children with a dropping out of school risk, with financial problems and for children with excellent school results from our program “One village, one child!”. And if the summer holiday began with joy at the seaside, we thought we should end it in the mountains, in Naruja village, Vrancea County, with 15 more children which received scholarship for their school results. But our camps didn’t stop here! Also, this summer, 4 children from our programs went to an astronomy camp organized by The Natural Science Museum Complex, in Macin Mountain, Luncavita village.

Besides other summer activities, our children proposed to be part of some creative workshops, such as creating colored elastic bracelets, baking and decorating cakes with our nice and sweet friends from Dulce by Paula Bakery or learning how to put down their thoughts in a letter. The weaving workshop for the girls from Teodora Daycenter Galati prepared and trained our young ladies to do their hair in a nice, original way. Our visits to the clothing company Cozamin SRL, television studio Digi 24 and radio studio Pro FM were also interesting and impressive. Real happiness was also at Mihaela DayCenter in Liesti and in the Center of rehabilitation and recovery for children with disabilities Galati where we organized a lot of activities. The most appreciated ones were the birthday party celebrations for each month.

Here we are, nostalgic about the holiday that just passed, but looking forward to the beginning of the new school year. Thus, we invite you to be part of our mission, a mission to change the future of our kids, to help and give them hope, to their families also, improving their lives by helping them integrate in our society.


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