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We just finished our annually holiday camp program, one of our dearest activities. This is the fourteenth year in which we organize the camps and and this summer we gave 115 children the possibility to see the seaside, most of them were from Galati county, but there were some from Tulcea and Vrancea also. The camps are organized for children with disabilities, for those who develop a major risk of dropping out of school, from families with many and difficult financial problems and also for those who had excellent school results part of our program “One children, one village!”.

“You do wonders! I never thought I will ever come at the seaside” Andreea, 14 years old
“Last year was the first time I’ve ever seen the sea, I played in the sand and looked for seashells. You can’t even imagine how glad I am that I made it again this year. I tried my best to learn in school. I’ve never left my village before because my parents can’t afford to go outside.” Alina, 10 years old
“I loved the color of the sky near the sea. I heard from older children what is like to go to the seaside and I always wanted to go too. Two years ago I learnt how to swim and how to build sandcastles. I’ll never forget the sound of the waves.” Matei, 12 years old
“The best thing was that at the end of the days, which were filled with happiness and joy, I went to sleep in a soft bed with my sister.” Eliza, 11 years old
“I couldn’t believe that I made a kaleidoscope all by myself!” Andrei, 14 years old

Looking back at more than 45 days of summer camp, each of us, the team that took care of the kids or organized the whole trip, is incredibly happy that we helped our children fulfill their goals and dreams and offered them safety and protection. It’s really hard to put into words how excited they were when they saw the sea, how they didn’t want to leave the beach, being mesmerized by the colors, by the sound of the waves. It’s even harder to describe what every child felt when he travelled by train or when he finally met a dolphin or how can you describe the magic of making your own kaleidoscope?

Our mission, to help and give hope for children and their families, to make their life a little better by supporting them to integrate in our society, was a real success not only because they were happier, but also because they wanted to become a better, smarter kid by overpassing their condition. Every member and volunteer of our Foundation works with pleasure fully devoted to our mission creating a safe and secure environment in which each step is guided in order to offer happiness, confidence and protection.

 “Now I wish that I can come back next year to the same magic place and I hope my brother can come also to see what I saw here.” said one of them with tears in her eyes.

“I thought that only in books there is something like this ...” Mirela, 9 years old

Imagine how cheap happiness is! Let’s make together new memories, let’s build together dreams and a brighter future for the children in Romania!
This program would not have been possible without support from our donors, sponsors, which some of them wish to remain anonymous, and volunteers, special people to whom we want to say: Thank you from our hearts! This edition was extraordinary, so all children went to the Dolphinarium, AquaMagic Mamaia, AquaPark Eforie Nord and the best children in school had a special guest, Ms. Veronica Soare, which helped them make their own kaleidoscope.

Thank you Damen Shipyard Galati, Alewijnse Marine Galati, Mercant SRL, Atlas Management, Trade ATL SRL and Galati Town Hall for your support.
In the end, we invite you to write and share your childhood dreams you accomplished, and also about the change you can make in our children’s life.


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