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“One village, one child!”

Can we, as simple people, offer, for children with excellent results in school, a chance for a better education? Can we support creating new role models that are so much needed right now in Romania? Can we change Romania? Our answer: Yes we can!

The dropout rate, alarmingly rising in South East Romania, needs urgent and constant measures in order not to affect our future. We want to help Romania, a country which is generally rural and poor, but with a huge potential! There are children, just 2 km distance from Galati, who don’t know how to open a tap because they never saw one, who cannot imagine how it feels to have hot water, who don’t have electricity and can’t even imagine how it’s like to have a bulb, who wear only sneakers even though in winter, who eat nothing but a slice of bread...

In these circumstances, in Romania, 1 out of 2 children is in risk of poverty and/or social exclusion, the highest rank from EU, 1 out of 4 drops out school because of poverty and bad grades, 1 out of 4 needs to walk at least one hour to get to school. Here, the poverty is three times bigger than in other urban areas.

“My boy graduated the first in his class. But I have six more children and I couldn’t afford to let him go to high school. He stayed home to help me with the animals. Now we manage to survive, we have some food to eat but I want his sister, with excellent school results also, to go to school. If only we might afford ...” said a father from a village in Galati.
Then we thought to support him … him and many others like him …

It’s in our power to change all these things and so we proposed to help them get a better education, to help them dream, to be prepared and confident that here, in Romania, their wishes can become real too. So, we dared to dream. “One village, one child!” program, started in 2014, encourages every village from Galati county to propose at least one children that has excellent grades from a low-income family in order to encourage the local interest for building a community with educated children. In building and proposing this program to our donors and sponsors, we started from our experience knowing the hard problems that children must overpass taking into consideration that the families that live in have to face day by day with no more than 180 lei/family member a month (about 40 euro). Another reason to start this program, is represented by the extreme difficulties these children have to surpass coming from very poor families. This having a major impact in their lives and for the future of their education even though these children have a lot of potential and great motivation to have the best results in school.

In 2014, and during 2015 we offered special scholarships to more than 40 children from 25 villages in Galati County hoping we can encourage them to continue to learn even more and to get into high school. This program targets families with an income between 40 and 180 lei/family member/month and where the student’s grades are bigger than 9, children having huge potential.
In 2014, BRD Groupe Societe Generale sponsored the whole project. In 2015, to their support contributed also simple people and Damen Shipyard Galati. Students received, besides scholarships, school supplies, clothes and moreover, we saw developing a strong bond between children, families, donors, teachers and Foundation’s personnel. For many of them, the support had a major impact and it was really helpful, even though the amount of money we allocated for a student/month, in 2014, for many of us it is not considerably big, families that are in their situation, find it relevant. Actually, it represents a bigger income by a quarter of their revenue.

Valentina lives in a village near Galati, in a house that her parents managed to consolidate only last year, 2 km distance from school. Her recent happiness is based on the newly installed electricity pole, which will help her family continue their activities long after the dark. Valentina is a blonde fragile 15 year old girl. She is shy and no matter how good she is in school she lacks confidence. For Valentina, until last year, homework was still written at candle light ... Even though she had no electricity, she finished the first in school every year and was the 7th in the National Physics Olympics without any supplementary studies. Her family income is barely over 200 lei, not counting her allocations and her sister’s. After the family pays for wood and food very less remains for the children in order to go to school. Since she became part of our program and after finding her a sponsor, Valentina becomes a high school student at a very good high school and dreams she will become a doctor.

We wish in the next 5 years to develop “One village, one child!” so that we can reach as many villages as we can in Romania. We know we cannot do this thing alone. We need everyone’s support, people or companies that feel they can change lives and build bridges between people.
We believe and we know that we can build a better future for our children.

If you want to support this program you can donate in our account: RO98RNCB141032886400001 opened at BCR Galati Branch, mentioning “One village, one child!”
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