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2015 - ”2% helps me!”

During the campaign ”2% helps me!” developed during 2015, you helped us collect over 80,000 lei. The amount we collected with your help, those who sympathized with our mission, by donating 2% of the income tax, at local and national level, was 10% larger than the one we had collected in the previous year.

The amounts we collected with your help during the past year were used to support our ongoing programs against school dropout in Galati, at Teodora Daycare Center. This way, we ensured a higher attendance rate of children in school. The money was also used for the Multifunctional Center to help recover and rehabilitate children with developmental delay or with disabilities.

Over 1200 people chose to support the mission of Heart of a Child Foundation, greatly helping the children in Galati to have a better life. The collected money helped us support  30 children, aged 7 to 14, every month, in Teodora Daycare Center of Galati, and over 70 children with developmental delay or disabilities, aged 0 to 14, by offering them therapy sessions, recovery and rehabilitation services, and also occupational therapy.

„I want to get better and better in doing my homework.” Andra, 9 years old

Andra is a child for whom „the daily attendance of the daycare center” brought an extraordinary change to her life last year. After you get to know her, you cannot forget two big, big eyes and a shy but clear smile. She is shy, a child who has faced hardships in her life, it seems you see a whole world in her eyes … A world of trouble, but a world where she struggles every day and enjoys every positive change. Andra is frail, discreet and shy until she gets to know you better; then she becomes happy and cheerful and she wins your heart forever. She is a student in the 3rd grade and lives on the outskirts of Galati with her mom, her 8 siblings and her granny. Having important knowledge gaps and difficulties from the previous years when nobody was there to help her with her homework, now she is struggling with the staff of our center and Cornelia, a volunteer, to catch up with her colleagues and make progress. And she does this each and every day. A hot meal, some help with her homework, the school items and the warm clothes she gets from us, and mostly our love are things she needs in her life and things she can get every day, for the moment being.

Her story goes on, every day, with your help!

Therefore, we thank you, all of you who last year chose to help the children we wanted to help!

The campaign was supported by the local tv stations: Express Tv and Vox TV.

„The long-term supported educational programs offer the children the possibility of making the right choice much easier and of building a future for themselves and for the families they come from. The most precious gift we can offer children is the self-confidence and the trust in a better future. And this cannot be achieved if they lack education. We are grateful to all those who chose to support the mission of Heart of a Child Foundation.” Amalia Ene, Communication and Fundraising officer.

2% is a legal Romanian provision of the tax code through which you can help us, free of charge, directing it from the tax paid to the state for the previous year.

Fill in 230 tax form (if you earn salary incomes only) or 200 tax form (if you earn incomes from different sources, e.g. leases, copyright etc.)
The dropout rate in Romania is above the European average (18,1% compared to 11.1%), having recorded an alarming increase especially in the southeast area. The last year's statistics point out that children have limited access to educational and health services and there is limited availability in this respect, particularly in the rural areas and within the Roma communities.

We invite you again this year to support the program „2% is a help!” and volunteer for this campaign among your friends and relatives, in order to change for better the life of children around us !

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