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In December, so as to make happy over 550 children included in our programs and not only, form the county of Galati (Sendreni, Piscu, Tudor Vladimirescu, Liesti, Slobozia-Conachi, Pechea, Costache Negri, Grivita, Tepu, Buciumeni, Cavadinesti, Vinatori, Odaia Manolache, Namoloasa), from Tulcea, and from 2 other villages in the county of Vaslui and one in the county of Constanta, we had the support of individual donors, volunteers, 15 companies, associations, high schools and kindergartens we collaborate with, as well as that of the City Hall of Galati.

Last year, the letters written in excitement by the small children were answered due to the ones that were Santa Claus for them. Thus, the generous Santa had sweets, toys, clothes, shoes, school supplies and food in his sack. These things were a real joy and help for the children and their families for the holidays.

”The happiness I felt when giving was the best present I offered to myself.” Alexandra, 7 years old, individual donor

”Christmas reminds us that our human nature is to be good to the others. We have already called Santa Claus for our little football players, but we have sent him with gifts to some of the children supported by the Heart of a Child Foundation. We believe that these small delights, the magic of Christmas or improving a passion, a hobby must not be privileges, but possibilities for all children.” Marius Cosoreanu, president of Junior Galati Football School

”Thank you for the Christmas gifts! This year, I have received the most beautiful presents ever.” Cristina, 13 years old, Teodora Daycare Center of Galati

”This year's presents have made me the happiest child!” Mihaela, 12 years old, Teodora Daycare Center of Galati.

We thank to all our individual donors who wished to remain anonymous, the group of volunteers from the Economic high school led by teacher Cristiana Lixandru, to mister Catalin Balaceanu and to the group of supporters we have after the SkyTower 2015 Cup, to mister Sorin Vrancean, representative of Petroleum Safety Solution Company, to mister Marius Cosoreanu, President of Junior Football School of Galati, to the companies Damen Shipyards Galati, Alewijnse Marine Galati, DMT Marine Equipment, Atlas Management Trade, Emanuel Church for the program Samaritan's – Shoe Box, Myosotis drugstore, V. A. Urechia Library, Asil Cosmetics, Clever Kids Kindergarten, Round Table no. 19, Round Table no. 12 and Macon Association of Galati.


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