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On the occasion of the International Day of People with Disabilities, we chose to announce the inauguration of a sensory room on the 3rd of December, 10:00 a.m., at „Eugène Ionesco” French library (Strada Basarabiei nr. 14, Galati). The room had been arranged with the support of ING Bank through a project called „Together for their future”. We also inaugurated a new type of service, the Vojta therapy, within the Multifunctional Recovery and Rehabilitation Center for children with developmental delay and disabilities.

On the next day, Friday, the 4th of December 2015, at 10:00a.m., those interested in the topic were invited for a detailed presentation of the services, demonstrative therapy sessions and a visit in the sensory room.

The therapy programs taking place in the sensory room include special development games for children experiencing learning difficulties, for children with behavior difficulties, for children with autism and neuropsychological difficulties and children with self-harm behaviour. Sensory development - hearing, sight, taste, smell and touch – the ocular-motor coordination, causation, language development, self-control and control over the environment, relaxation are stimulated and the child's ability to relate with the world around him increases. The sensory room is an environment where stimulating activities and experiences are used to increase positive awareness and behavior in people with severe sensory damage or neurological problems.

In the Multi-functional center we can also access for the first time in the S-E area of Romania, the Vojta Therapy, a global therapy that can be used starting from a baby's early days. It treats by changing the reflex activity of a child and the orientation of the neuro- motor development towards the physiological pathways, by changing spinal automatism in spinal cord injury, by breathing control, in order to increase the vital capacity, by control of the neuro-vegetative reactions and by supporting a balanced development of the locomotor system and the prevention of orthopedic deterioration in severe pathological cases.  

The partners in the project were invited and took part in the event, accompanied by the representatives of ING Bank, collaborators and officials of the specialized institutions in the field.
The Multifunctional Recovery and Rehabilitation Center for children with disabilities has been operating since 2010 and offers help to 70 - 80 children, aged 0 – 12, every year. The children have disabilities or developmental delay and originate from the counties of Galati, Tulcea and Braila.

Contact data:
The Multifunctional Recovery and Rehabilitation Center for children with developmental delay, Galati, Strada Blaj nr.11, Tiglina III, inside the building of  „Ion Creanga” Orphanage.

We receive applications for this program on Wednesdays and Thursdays, 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.and 15:00 – 17:00. Phone no. 0730 592 482.



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