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A lesson about community and volunteering from Australia

Durring 11-15 of April 2016 we were glad to have along a volunteer who came from far away Australia, Daniel Peter Knol a youg men who knows that ”volunteer will change the world” .Time spent together with our children was unforgettable so we invite you to find out more about this experience.

”My week at Heart of a Child (Fundatia Inima de Copil) was full of experiences – playing after-school games with the children, learning and connecting with the families of children with a disability, workshopping marketing strategies and much talk about all things Australia to name a few. All these experiences were as memorable and special as they were different, but they all shared one thing in common: The Heart of a Child community.

While I could use this article as an opportunity to talk about my week at Heart of a Child, I would prefer to focus on the community that makes up the organisation. I was very moved to see that staff and volunteers are at the core of Heart of a Child. I believe that this focus (or philosophy) resonates throughout the organisation.
Week in and week out, it is the local staff and volunteers that are delivering vast improvements in student grades, seeing cognitive progress in children with autism, building connections with the wider Galați populace, and shaping lives of disadvantaged people. I saw many examples of their work, and their courage, strength and love. Take for example, Mihaela who based on her love for her children and others, overcame many challenges to establish a therapy centre for children with a disability in Liesti. Or the high school students who regularly give up their own time to tutor and mentor younger children. Or the women who provide constant care to young adults with severe disabilities (and were generous enough to prepare my favourite Romania meal to date, I love my food).

It was an absolute pleasure to be able to see first hand the impact that Heart of a Child is having throughout the region of Galați. It does not exist for itself, it exists to realise the potential of children and disadvantaged groups - to be a bridge between where they are today and their potential. However, while many in Galați are part of this community, the need is great and more can be done. So I encourage those who are not currently involved but living locally, to become a part of this community.” Daniel Peter Knol, volunteer for Heart of a Child Foundation

Thank you Daniel!

Daniel Peter Knol (28 years) is a transport planner from Australia, who until recently was working in Melbourne. He is planning on moving to London after visiting some of the many beautiful sites of Romania and Europe.

If you want to become volunteer find out more here.



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