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On Generosity

The “Generosity Week” campaign is an initiative of the Community Relationships Association, which  aims to promote philanthropic behavior through examples of nongovernmental organizations which have a positive  impact on solving some important issues in Romania and act transparently and responsibly.

Following a selection based on rigorous criteria, we were glad to be considered among the organizations chosen to be presented through the donors and volunteers who support the mission of Heart of a Child. We believe that every day should be dedicated to generosity and gratitude, thus building a better world as each of us is dreaming for our children.

The material was made with the support and in collaboration with the Community Relationships Association and TVR.
We thank to our donors, volunteers involved in the making of the reportage and to all those who are supporting the mission of Heart of a Child!
May the reportage bring you inspiration and lead you to life-changing initiative!


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