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Immune to unhappiness

Mihaela Spiridonescu, an old friend of “Heart of a Child” Organization, advocates in her book “Immune to unhappiness” for a life in harmony and balance. The approach of the topic Happiness is original, presented form the viewpoint of the 4 intelligences: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Her book is intended to be a step towards a new lifestyle, an inner rediscovery and a long-term happiness. Yet, for all that, as the author declares, we must be in permanent touch with The Inner Child.

“My first contact with “Heart of a Child” Organization was some months ago, when I was proposed to choose from several foundations and associations one to support. The choice was very fast, my heart instantly connected to “Heart of a Child”. I intuitively knew that this organization is The Chosen One, without me knowing anything about them. I then studied their website and it was confirmed to me that I made the right decision.  The wonderful people that are working there, with whom I only had discussed on telephone and email, resonated with my inner self and what I want to convey to the world through the book “IMMUNE to unhappiness” and the other books that will follow. We all have within us The Inner Child; it is the core of every MAN and the keeper of Inner Treasures. The more care we take of it, regardless of our age, the more balanced, harmonious and happier we will be! We are all parts of the same Integer and every noble cause or person we are beside is a step towards reunification, towards a Beautiful and Good World that we deserve to live in. I will support “Heart of a Child” both financially, by donating 10% of my profit from the book, and especially by the Joy, the Enthusiasm and the Energy with which we will hold beautiful events from now on.” said Mihaela Spiridonescu.

Because she resonated with the mission of “Heart of a Child” to provide support to children and families in difficulty, from the first moment she heard of our programs, Ms. Mihaela Spiridonescu has chosen to support our activities. The events dedicated to the release of the book, that took place in Brasov, Wednesday 6th April 2016, and in Cluj, Wednesday 13th April 2016, were associated to “Heart of a Child” cause and 10% of the sales of the book were redirected to the programs of the organization.

We recommend buying her book, which gives start to a new lifestyle providing immunity to unhappiness, being also a kind gesture, as 10% of the value of the book will provide one of the children we help with the chance of keeping attending school, a hot meal or a therapy session.

Do you want to change the lives of children in need? Contact us and together we can find the best ways in which you can get involved.


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