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Offer a camp day to a child!

The “Heart of a Child” Foundation has launched the “Offer a camp day to a child!” Campaign. The camps are for children that come from disadvantaged families, disabled young people, but also for children with remarkable school results that are part of the program “One village, one child!”. We hope that following this campaign, 100 children will go on a summer camp.

Every summer for the past 18 years, starting with July 1st, Heart of a Child Foundation is running the summer camps project which lasts for 2 months. During this time, children participate in different social activities, explore and learn new things, become more independent, self confident and have the opportunity to create beautiful lifetime memories. It is a chance for them to experience a beautiful way of living.
“I would love to go on a camp. I have never been to the mountains and I would enjoy all the things we would do together.” Adina, 10 years old.
The Heart of a Child camps are organized between July 1st and August 15th and children go there organized in 6 different groups, free of charge for them. We started with 7 children 18 years ago, but for the past few years we have reached 100 children.
The project could not happen without the support of the foundations’ friends, companies or individual benefactors, who understand the project and decided to get involved actively.
One camping day costs 60 lei (€13) per child, 420 lei/ week (aprox. €100/ wk) and the campaign ends on August 1st, 2017.
„I have never been camping. I hope it is as fun as the other children say it is”, Mihai, 8 years old.
So with your help, this summer we are sending 100 children, that are enlisted in our programs, to the summer camp, where they will live unique experiences and leave with amazing memories.
“The holiday is around the corner. It would be my first trip to the mountains. I wish I could take a walk through the woods, pick flowers, see a waterfall and play in the grass. I would enjoy all the new things I see.” Andreea, 12 years old.
Here are a few ways you can contribute:
- Donate via PayPal, easy and accessible to anyone holding a Visa or Master card. Click on the Donate button on our website www.inimadecopil.ro mentioning – CAMP. 
- Bank transfer in the Heart of a Child foundation account– IBAN Code RO98RNCB0141032886400001, opened at BANCA COMERCIALA ROMANA, branch Galati.
Heart of a Child Foundation was established in 1996 in Galati, Romania. Our vision continues to this day as the number of children part of our programs is growing every year.
With the help of our financers and benefactors, over 15.000 children, young people and disadvantaged families from the Eastern- Southern part of Romania have benefited from our activities in the past 20 years. Read more about it on www.inimadecopil.ro.
For any questions please contact:
Alina Dumitriu, Communications Responsible
e-mail: Această adresă de email este protejată de spambots. Trebuie să aveți JavaScript activat ca să o puteți vedea. , tel: 0742 135 824

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