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Today is about BEN! Our super volunteer with a Heart of a Child!

Ben is 37 years old and he came to Galati from a small town, close to Birmingham, named Hereford. He has been visiting Romania and doing volunteer work for Heart of a Child for over 7 years now. Ben went even further and he convinced his parents, relatives and friends to donate their birthdays in order to support our children, he sold products from our shop on Easter and Christmas, raised monthly donations from his friends and managed to bring happiness to hundreds of children from our organization.

“I feel I can change something! I do not feel like working, I am doing something useful together with friends and I can also contribute to a better future of children in Romania!”
What is even more impressive is that Ben carefully plans his holiday so that his arrival occurs during our busiest time. Three years ago he brought along 2 more friends and together they painted 2 rooms and mounted the wall panel in the day centre.
A year ago, Ben, who is an electrician, went to our mountain house, the place where for the past 18 years our children usually go on their summer camp. There, our Super Volunteer remade the entire electrical installation of the house, redesigned the yard and, together with our colleagues, managed to make our children’s stay much more pleasant.
This week, Ben came again to Galati and after visiting our locations, he went with our team to repair and paint the house that will host our children for 8 weeks.
Ben, thank you! To us you are a miracle, a person with a huge heart that never stops sharing. Each year you a teaching us a life lesson, without any trace of arrogance or superiority, but with the elegance of the PERSON who does SO MUCH out of good will and waiting nothing.




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