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The Semimarathon 2017, on its fourth edition this year, took place Sunday, May 28th, in Galati. For five hours the city centre was invaded by hundreds of people competing in running contests and doing good deeds. From children to elders, everyone had a good time, ran and donated to one of the 13 proposed social causes.

The event was organized by The Community Foundation Galati with the support of the City Hall.
Heart of a Child Foundation enrolled in this event with a special project, our rehabilitation centre that helps disabled children or children with delays in development to recover via therapy. Established in 2005 together with specialized organizations from Belgium and Ireland, the centre has now a team of multidisciplinary specialists who offer disabled children evaluations and afterwards rehabilitation sessions according to individualized intervention programs, tailored to each child. This centre offers therapy to 80 children annually.
The Heart of a Child Foundation Team gathered 123 friends to the start line. Here are a few of them:
Gabriel Draghici, our ambassador, who last year managed to complete a triple ultra-triathlon, and at this event, he ran 21 km by pushing a child in a wheelchair.
Barefoot for Heart of a Child
Cezar Amariei, journalist, also a foundation ambassador, ran the 7 km relay barefoot.
„I run barefoot because I find it hypocritical of me to support the cause of disadvantaged children in a pair of shoes that cost as much as their allowance for half a year. It is not that my shoes are too expensive but their allowance is too small. I run because I care about my health, by future, and I believe that for a better tomorrow of adults, we must offer a better present to the children”, Amariei says.
Alina and Cătălin Bălan, both journalists, supported the cause of children with disabilities or delays in development, and managed, together with us, to convince others that every gesture counts for the children who need therapy.
Part of our ambasadors’ team was also Mihaela Roxana Nofit, General Manager RTV Media Group, who ran because „Every child deserves a chance to a better life! I will run the semimarathon because I know that it is in our power to change something.”
It was a great day for Heart of a Child Foundation, a day in which 123 hearts beat TOGETHER for children with delays in development or with disabilities.




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