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End of „Offer a camp day to a child!” campaign

A hundread of children from our programmes went to the summer camp this year thanks to your help.

They were able to enjoy unique experiences and create lovely memories for themselves, for the years to come.
The XVIIIth edition of the Heart of a Child Camps sent to the mountains five groups of children, the last one being in Maramureș. This project was addressed to children coming from disadvantaged families, disabled children and young people, but also exceptional children with good school results that are part of our „Every village, one child!” programme.
Camp days were filled with joy for all of us and our children were happier than ever. Play was the main topic because play means friendship, communication, immagination and joy.
They have made new friends, took part in outdoor activities, learning from each other how to communicate but also how to develop their existing qualities.
 For every group of children the camp meant 7 days of happines, 7 days of activities, 7 days of socializing, 7 days of holiday that passed almost like in a moment, while the benefits for their social and emotional development are invaluable.
A big thank you to everyone who chose to support our children in achiving their dreams. You were many and great, companies and individuals as well.
Special thanks to:
Ixia Romania, ArcelorMittal, MâconGalati Association from France-Pierre Bagne, AlewijnseWorldwide, DamenShipyardsGalati,S.C.Marcant, Mrs. Octavia Mihăilescu, Intercultural Association for Traditions, Mr. Corneliu Bercariu- Horse Centre Caballus-Cabana Fulga Năruja Vrancea. 



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