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Day Care Centers

Ensure “school after-school” services for children from needy families.
 Do homework
 Receive meal/nutritional supplements
 Receive school supplies and clothing
 Do various enrichment activities during free time 
 Receive psychological counselling 
 Enable development of life skills and personal development of the children
 Promote parental abilities

We operate a day centre in Galati, functioning since 1995, and a second centre in the village of Pechea, Galati County.

We help over 50 children in these centres.


Marius and his seven brothers live together with their mother in a house on the outskirts of town. He was 6 years old when we invited him to visit us. He had difficulty speaking, he was looking down at the ground all the time and you could easily tell that he had a disability. He wasn’t registered in the kindergarten and he had never been with a group of children aside from his siblings.  We wanted to help him through the centre. With patience, involvement and especially encouragement, the little boy learned during the summer how to smile, to speak better, to express his emotions; he began to draw and to count. The next step was to register him in first grade. He managed to catch up and learn many important things: to write, read, and count. It was difficult, but he managed to keep up with the school demands at the same level as his peers.

Veronica Udres, social worker

Cooperation between the school system and family is nearly nonexistent.  The child does his homework at the foundation’s day center; he goes there on a daily basis. One can clearly see the help he receives.

Silvia D., teacher of a child assisted in the Pechea Day Centre 


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