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Counselling Centers

Since 1999, the centre has social workers, counsellors and psychologists available; they provide services to an ever growing number of children and poor families.

The purpose of the centre for counselling is to:
► Provide support to children and families in order to overcome crisis situations
► Improve the relationship between a child and their school
► Provide material support
► Prevent abandonment/institutionalization 
► If needed, offer children alternatives to institutionalization, such as foster care families or other alternate arrangements

The families and children for whom we provide help come from both urban and rural environments. This is because we are deeply concerned with the increased rate of school abandonment, especially in rural areas, the numerous cases of neglect, and the increased number of children who lack the necessary support for proper physical and emotional development.

Services that the centre provides include:
► Social and psychological counselling, providing helpful information for both children and parents
► Donations of food, school supplies and clothes through the actions of the Heart of a Child Foundation, Christmas Caravan, and other fundraising activities
► Camps and socialization activities
► Projects to prevent school abandonment, such as the Multi-regional partnership for the prevention of early school abandonment project 
► Support for children in foster care families.


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