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Summer camps

Organized each year since 1999, the summer camps are among some of the most important Heart of a Child projects because they are a very special activity for the children and young adults.  Most of them have been organized in Naruja village, Vrancea County, where we have arranged for a suitable place for camp-style activities. It can be very difficult to find locations where people were willing to check-in children with handicaps or with HIV.  Another problem was the high prices requested by the state or private camps.  The construction of a modest home of our own in a beautiful area and not far away from Galati has helped us achieve the impossible and make annual camping a reality for nearly 80 children and young adults.

Even though it is often difficult to secure the necessary funds, we do our best to keep the camp going each year because of how much it helps our children and youth. For most of the children who take part in the camps, this is the first experience of this kind in their life. This is what keeps us motivated to find resources and to offer these children the possibility to enjoy, for at least a few days, the beauty of nature and experience special moments. Moreover, besides the recreational activities, the daily camp schedule provides children and young adults the opportunity to learn new things and talk with the adults who accompany them about important values and life principles. 


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