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Day Care Center "Mihaela" for Children With Disabilities

The Centre began its program in 2010 due to a mother of two children with severe disabilities who was desperately looking for a solution for them. She came to us and asked us to provide help. Local City Hall  agreed to provide 3 rooms but not operating funds. 
With 14 children from the village and from neighbouring communities, Liesti Centre is open at the moment for 4 hours each day. They play games together; they have educational rehabilitation and physical therapy. There are only two such centers for disabled children in the county (although the county has 54 villages). Its existence is essential for children in this village. 

The founder mother received in 2010 a national award for innovation and the Centre received in 2011 at a national contest the third prize dedicated to social services for disadvantaged people.
Financial source: exclusively on organisation funds (fund raising campaign, including the 2% campaign)


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