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Centre for children with disabilities Galati

The Centre began to provide services in Galati in the summer of 2010 with special funding from a project. The centre provides speech rehabilitation services, occupational therapy, physical therapy, rehabilitation for children with learning disabilities / physical disabilities. The majority of these children are from Galati county but there are coming also some children from other counties - Braila or Tulcea County. We started last year to organize also support groups for parents. Each week around 25-35 children, aged 0-10 years are coming to the centre. 
We wanted to help children to begin as early as possible a recovery program in order to give them the best chance of recovery and development. The employed personnel ensure also that good relationship is maintained with the family, nursery schools or kindergarten.

Two years after starting its operation, the Centre has become the recovery local service most appreciated by parents in the area. It received also a price at national level as social service.
Although we applied to the local city hall for funding, this was not granted.


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