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Center for Social Integration and Life Skills

In 1996, children with HIV, who were abandoned by their families in a hospital, were among the first beneficiaries of our organization. Along with them were young people who came from the state placement centers.

This Center started working in 2007. The proposed activities came in response to the their need for ongoing social services and also to their changing needs and challenges as the children grew up. 

At present we continue to develop a series of activities that are necessary to improve the young people's abilities, skills and levels of responsibility:
► counseling, support in developing abilities and practical skills
► forming independent life skills
► orientation and vocational training
► help in finding access to qualification courses
► informing the local community about HIV\SIDA and the working place
► social integration activities, occupational therapy or other activities designed according to the aptitude and potential of the young people

There are 25 young people who benefit from our services on a monthly basis.

We desire that the young people would be able to develop practical skills so that they can obtain and keep a job. Likewise, through the art therapy workshop, the young people have the possibility to socialize, to discover and to develop their talent and creativity.


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