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Mission, vision, values


Our mission is to give help and hope to children and youth in difficulty and their families, by enriching their quality of life and promoting healthy integration into society.

We achieve our mission through social services, counseling and training, advocacy and lobbying and activities grounded in Christian principles.
We provide a broad range of services to our clients including:

► Direct social services (e.g., operating family-style homes for orphaned and abandoned children; social and professional integration services for children and teenagers in at-risk situations; teenagers with disabilities; counseling and material support for at-risk families)
► Training for individuals working in the social field
► Advocacy and lobbying on local and regional issues affecting children and families


To create a better world and to support the dreams of children, youth and families who are suffering, isolated or socially marginalized.
Since its inception in 1996, Heart of a Child’s staff, volunteers and community of national and international supporters have been bound together by one goal: to create a world where children and youth do not suffer anymore.
This unifying vision fuels our continuing efforts to alleviate pain and suffering and to protect the fundamental human rights of all our children.


Personal and professional integrity – We strive to act in accordance with our long-term mission and institutional values by promoting transparency and a clearly defined decision-making process. 
Love and compassion – Our work is more than a mere job or profession. This philosophy demands that our approach be infused with love and compassion for all children and youth in need. We believe it is our duty to act to protect all children who have been treated with neglect, abuse, discrimination and forced to endure poverty and suffering. We are advocates for their rights; a voice for the voiceless.
Valorizing – We treat all of our clients with dignity and equality. We care and respect each individual’s rights without discrimination.  We respect and are grateful for the efforts of our sponsors, donors, financial donors, volunteers and the personnel of the organization who help us to accomplish our mission.
Empowerment – The primary emphasis of our work is not only to guarantee that we meet the basic needs of each child and youth, but that we promote healthy growth and eventual integration into mainstream society. Empowering our beneficiaries with the skills needed to be independent and self-sufficient is an integral component of our mission. We seek direct solutions that can have a long-term impact and we encourage our clients to be an active part of the helping process. Furthermore, beneficiaries are encouraged to “give back” providing support to others in need.
Faith and moral Christian principles – Children and youth in need whom we serve are often the innocent victims of dysfunctional, immoral and anti-social environments. We believe that beyond our direct social services, true healing and relief can be achieved through faith in God.  We further this goal by promoting non-denominational Christian values, respecting the culture, religion and individual beliefs of our beneficiaries while providing unconditioned services to all those in need.



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