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Youth at risk

Whom are we helping?
Since 1996, Hear of a Child has developed projects for HIV positive children and children from institutions. Presently, we offer support to:
Young people with disabilities who come from placement centres or from the local community
HIV positive young people
Young people from placement centres who may need care, forming manual abilities, socializing, occupational therapy, forming independent life skills, developing the responsibility for finding a job, offering support and orientation in choosing a profession, and helping to find access to qualification courses.

Our objectives:  
► A better social integration of these young people.
► To support them in discovering, developing and valuing their abilities.
► Support for those who are interested in getting a job.

Current projects:

► The centre for supporting young people to be socially and professionally integrated, as well as developing life skills
► Supporting young people with severe disabilities to be cared for in the community.
► Art therapy workshop 


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